Assembled through hard work, love and a bit of luck.
Our Leader

Calum Joseph Jackson Walsh-O'Brien

Our Leader

In charge of all our creative content, including the proposed Mickey's Clubhouse Special "Toodles Loose Tooth" and a Numberjacks Special -"Three's Tap Dancing Adventure".


Executive Producer

Although she's not a big fan of the Stinky Toe name, Mom has been instrumental in the creative process and the assembly of the entire team.


Graphics and Set Design

Although promises to work on The Plan went unkept for several months, dad was finally able to pull it together.

Jack Jack and Blueberry Pancakes (AKA Blue)

Canine Assistance

Both are instrumental in providing background vocalization for productions under the mango tree as well as providing comfort and support to our leader.

George and Tip

Indoor Feline Assitance

There areas of expertise include climbing into unwanted spaces, clawing chairs and carpets, crying for treats, lazing about and being adorable.

The Magnificent 7

Outdoor Feline Assistance

Members Baggy, Max, Mai, Poppy, Cole, Minerva, and Harryo provide outdoor assistance, especially around dusk at dinner time.

New from Stinky Toe - The Plan

During the lockdown, we came up with an idea, and we call it: The Plan

Stinky Toe Productions Gets Underway

The original Covid lockdown brought some hardships but also created some opportunities. We used some of our time to make a puppet stage and create a website for our son, Calum. We hope you enjoy!

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